The cheapest massage in South London? 

I first stumbled upon Siam Beauty as a recommendation from one of my sisters. She had been living in Wandsworth for a year before RBJ and I moved to our first London flat in Clapham and told us about this place on Lavender Hill where you could have a one hour Thai or Swedish massage for just £35, which included use of the sauna and steam room beforehand. Considering the equivalent anywhere else in London would cost at least double that, we had to give it a go.

Siam Beauty has two salons both on Lavender Hill in Clapham. Having lived minutes from the salon at number 12, that has always been my preference and the one I have visited most. Now lets start with the downside – the facilties are far from plush – the changing rooms consist of a small room with a curtain over the door, a bench and public swimming pool style lockers. And from the outside you may be forgiven for thinking this place was best avoided. 

However, although small and basic, the facilities are clean, the massages incredible and almost every time I have been the sauna and steam room have been empty (yay!) Although the use of the sauna is included in the price, this isn’t factored into your booking time so I recommend arriving thirty minutes before the booked time to use them. 

On my first few visits I went for a Thai massage but the last time I went I had Swedish. I love a firm massage and tend to say that to the masseur at the start. The Thai massage is nothing short of what I experienced from a Thai massage in Thailand –  complete with the pole on the ceiling for the masseur to hold on to as they walk along your back! Possibly not one for the fainthearted!

I have read some online reviews that allege  there are some dodgy goings-on at Siam Beauty. However I personally have never had anything but a fantastic experience. I have recommended it to friends who all say the same thing. Sadly now we are in Streatham, it’s no longer a two minute walk from the flat but that won’t stop me going back.

From the decor to the customer service, its a no frills experience, however it may well be the best and cheapest massage you will ever have in London.


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