Fine dining in the Hood

Streatham has its share of eating and drinking gems, however currently they are somewhat few and far between along the UK’s longest high street. Therefore, when I find and go to a good bar or restaurant in SW16, I like to stray off topic and shout about it.

On Saturday night, I took RBJ to Hood in Streatham Hill for a little romantic Valentine’s Day dinner (technically SW2 but still Streatham!) Hood has been on our radar since we moved to Streatham in March last year, however, having been told good things, we wanted to save it for a special occasion.

We received a friendly welcome from the moment we walked in and were quickly shown to a table towards the back of the restaurant. The decor is chic and fresh, with brightly coloured plastic chairs and blackboard walls giving off a bit of a coffee shop feel. The restaurant has lots of lovely quirky touches like a wall displaying the names of the crowdfunders who contributed to the start up, an old-school dumbwaiter (which can be seen in photo below) and a map showing where all of the ingredients, wine and beer are sourced from in the South of England:       I am a huge supporter of buying local produce, and where possible, I always try and pick local and British over imported goods. And Hood really ticked the box on that front: nearly all of their ingredients are locally sourced, including a huge selection of Brixton beers and English wines. Keen to try some of the English wines, we started with a delicious sparkling wine “Nutty Brut” from Nutborne Vineyards in West Sussex, followed by a bottle of Pinot Noir, “Davenport” from a two acre vineyard in East Sussex (which was VERY drinkable!)

The food was everything we had hoped for. Saying that, we did push the boat out and ordered chateaubriand for two so it was unlikely that we were going to have anything bad to say! The starters and pudding also did not disappoint:

Crispy pork rillettes with sage cream, apple jelly and onion rings

Blackened salmon with pickled cucumber, yoghurt and horseradish dressing


No caption needed!!


Salted caramel chocolate pot with buttermilk Chantilly and peanut cookies


And YES I did enjoy it!!

The steak was cooked to perfection with just the right amount of chips to allow room for a pudding! The salted caramel chocolate pot came with gooey chocolate on top of a layer of thick salted caramel. If your going to break a wedding diet for a weekend, this is DEFINITELY the way to do it!!

I thought the prices were also very reasonable: £5-7 for starters, £10-17 for mains (although our steak was a special and set us back a well-worth-it £25 per head) and puddings started from £5. The cheapest bottle of wine was £18 which for a London restaurant is pretty good.

All round, I was very impressed by Hood and would highly recommend a visit to Streatham to experience it for yourself. We will definitely be going back there (probably to check out their brunch menu – my favourite meal of the day!) For more information on Hood and their current promotions (in February they are offering 15% off for neighbours who dine together!) see their website here.

This valentines was extra special as I used it as an opportunity to tell RBJ that I have decided to take his surname when we get married in May (I have been toying with the idea of double barrelling our names for a while now). We are being very selective about the traditions that we keep and those that we toss away as being “out-dated” or just simply not us, and I initially felt that changing my name, for me, belonged to the latter. However, after much consideration and a lot of wine-fuelled conversations with some of my girlfriends about the complexities and underlying meaning of changing your name in today’s day and age, I have decided that I want to take his surname. That’s not to say that name changing is for everyone – its a difficult decision for any modern couple and one I certainly gave a lot of thought to.

I ended up telling RBJ with a personalised valentines card from Not on the High Street seller, Emma Moore Illustration and Design. And his reaction made me all the more sure that it definitely was the right decision 🙂

3months and 13 days… 🙂



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