Tying the knot

Inspired by lots of artsy blogs and websites, RBJ and I decided we were going to make our own wedding Save the Dates. And I’m not going to lie – we were pretty pleased with the result! 

We ordered the brown paper, envelopes and twine online from Amazon and booked in an evening after work to sit down in RBJ’s office together and design and print them.

After finding the perfect dandelion image (we wanted something quite rustic and simple), we designed the template in word. After a few goes on normal paper, and after a few mishaps and minor edits to get it looking perfect, we loaded up the printer with the brown paper and voila: McJoseph Wedding Save the Dates are go!


The bit that we perhaps didn’t quite anticipate however was just how long it would take threading the twine and tying the knots. But a few bottles of wine and a Byron burger later, and the last one was finished! Here is a sneak peak at the final product:

  We have had so many lovely comments from friends and family about them. Which makes the effort all the more worth while! Now we just need to figure out what we are doing for the actual invites… ideas anyone? 

No backing out now!!!

8 thoughts on “Tying the knot

  1. smartiebabie says:

    They’re brilliant! How well designed of you. I don’t think my fiance and I could pull off doing something like that ourselves. Neither of us is artsy or techy enough to pull that off.

    They look amazing, I bet your guests were well chuffed receiving those!

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  2. Gnmf says:

    These are absolutely amazing! We have just booked our wedding venue this week and have been totally inspired to make these..thank you! I hope you don’t mind my asking, but was wondering if you’d be willing to send your original template that you used as computers are really not my strong point!?x


  3. Amy Hewitt says:

    Are these available for purchase and if so how much are they in USD?
    How long would it take it make them (let’s say maybe around 100-150)

    Thank you ever so kindly,

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    • springsaunaswim says:

      Hi Amy, thank you I am glad you like them! It took us a few hours to design the template and then we made about ten an hour (folding and tying the string) over the course of a few weeks. Writing the envelopes and finding everyones addresses was probably the bit that took the longest! I’m afraid I don’t have the template for sale sorry. I hope you have fun making them – if you do please share: I’d love to see them! X


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