Vintage 1940s hen do

In exactly 14 days time, two of my favouritest people will be tying the knot in what I know is going to be one hell of a wedding! Having known them both since the first week of university in York, and ever since having lived no further than a south London common apart, to say I am excited about this wedding would be a massive understatement!

Mr and Mrs KL to be!

As bridesmaid and best man, RBJ and I have had the honour of being quite involved with this wedding, picking up hints and tips as we go for our big day next year. And most exciting of all, we were entrusted with the important task of organising the hen do and stag do. As there are two best men and five bridesmaids, we have both had the added bonus of organising as a team effort which has made it doubley fun!

The bride and her maids on a night out in Archer St in Soho

So last weekend, finally, after months of planning and secret squirreling , we piled into the car with the gorgeous Mrs KL to-be and drove the two hour drive down to the stunning Merrieweather House in East Sussex: cue the start of the an epic hen weekend!

THE house

Merrieweathers is one incredible hen house. Aside from having 8 beautifully decorated rooms (the hen suite with its own jacuzzi bath and dressing room), it also has its own private bar, bbq summer house, croquet lawn, tennis courts and an outdoor heated pool!!! The running theme throughout the weekend was 1940s which was incredibly fitting considering it was also the 70th anniversary of the end of WW2 in Europe (total coincidence but hey!) We had union jack bunting strewn throughout the house and on the Saturday afternoon, after a day of treasure hunts, cocktail making, swimming and games, we had the fantastic ladies from Tea and Trim  come in and spend the afternoon 1940’ifying us all. All 14 of us had our hair put up (with some serious victory rolls amongst us!) and had our make-up done in vintage 40s style. We all had such fun being pampered and preened and felt uber glam when they were finished with us – it was amazing!       image

Once we were all dolled up, we headed out to the bright lights (?!?) of Royal Tunbridge Wells which actually turned out to be a better night out than expected. It was such a fun theme and we had people coming up to us all night telling us how good we all looked!!

For anyone else organising a hen do, I would highly recommend the fabulous work of the ladies at Tea and Trim and the spectactular Merrieweather house. Now let the wedding countdown begin!!


2 thoughts on “Vintage 1940s hen do

    • lorniemcv says:

      They just did hair and makeup so we told all the girls to bring dresses and any accessories. Almost everyone has a little tea dress or spotty dress in their wardrobe so kept it cheap for everyone too. Would definitely recommend it!


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