The Best Pizza in South London?

On Saturday night, after a long day of folding and writing our wedding save the dates and reviewing quotes from wedding caterers, we headed to the Manor Arms to watch the Grand National and then onto Streatham’s esteemed Bravi Ragazzi to see what all the fuss is about.

Bravi Ragazzi has won lots of awards for being one of the best pizza restaurants and best cheap eats in London. Now RBJ and I aren’t big pizza eaters but with it being just a 5 minute walk from the new flat, we thought we’d give it a go. And what a decision that was – it was amazing!!

The restaurant is teenie tiny, on a side road just off Streatham High Road, and it was packed. We were greeted by a friendly guy who sat us at the only remaining table by the fast paced kitchen so we could see the oven in action.  We ordered some olives to start and then I ordered a Diavolo pizza and RBJ ordered a Napoli pizza because they said it was their speciality.

The olives were big and juicy Italian olives (Castelvetrano?) and we got a decent sized bowl for only £1.50. The pizza came quite quickly and reminded me a bit of the pizzas we had once at Franco Manco in Clapham – the crust was light and the toppings were fresh tasting and plentiful. There was just the right amount of mozzarella cheese without making it too stodgy and my Diavola had a perfect level of spice. We both had a glass of house red (a Cabernet) which was tasty and again very reasonably priced for a London restaurant at £3 a glass.

The Napoli – oregano, anchovies (ewww!!!), black olives, capers, garlic and extra virgin olive oil


The Diavola – tomato, spicy salami, mozzarella and fresh chilli

Sadly I didn’t have room for the much-hyped tiramisu – something for our next visit for sure!

The restaurant itself was simple with an energetic atmosphere. Although our waitress was constantly on the move, she was friendly and didn’t seem phased by how busy it was. Our bill came to £26 in total and as a reward for our honesty (we pointed out that they hadn’t billed us for RBJs expresso), we were offered limoncello shots on the house:

The source of my hangover this morning!

If you are looking for a cheap yet tasty authentic sourdough based pizza, Bravi Ragazzi is well worth a visit. Safe to say we will definitely be going back and if the queue is too long, we will definitely be getting a takeaway!



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