#HOMEOWNERS…and the largest sauna in London


Welcome to Streatham!


Last Friday, four months after we had our offer accepted, RBJ and I finally completed on our new flat in Streatham. It has been a particularly drawn out and painful past few months, and to say it was a relief to finally have the keys in our hands would be a massive understatement.

We bought the flat using the Government Help to Buy scheme which means we only (only!!!) had to put up 5% of the desposit. Without this scheme, we would never in a million years have been able to buy in London!

The flat is a beautiful old Victorian terrace in Streatham with lots of original features like two old cast iron fireplaces and huge sash windows. It has its fair share of bumps and bruises too but all it needs is a lick of paint and some tlc and we can really make it our own. No more landlords, no more estate agents – this is OURS!


Obligatory new home selfie


My favourite room in the flat


We were incredibly lucky that the sellers were a lovely couple we got on well with (who also have great taste in wine and chocolates!)


Now imagine my absolute delight when someone told me that Streatham (or St Reeetham as its popularly becoming known!), is in fact home to London’s biggest and busiest sauna, Chariots. Hurrah!!

My first thought was that Chariots is a bit of a funny name for a sauna. A quick google later and WOW have I been educated. It turns out that most London saunas are either “gay saunas” like Chariots or the less discreetly named “Pleasuredrome” or sauna “clubs” like the infamous Rios in Kentish Town. For those as naive as me, you might think that a gay sauna is where guys go to meet other guys. But no – people go there to have sex. Am I the only person who didn’t know this??

Ok so it’s not like I have actually been and can tell you this for certain (and RBJ is well and keen to help me research for the blog but think this might be a step too far!!!), but according to the London diaries, “it is NOT really a health club experience and you are NOT there to have a sauna”! 

So I ask, where do people who are looking for an actual sauna  – no sex, no fondling, no “mischief” – just a good old fashioned sauna/steam room, where do they go? London, the hunt is on…


5 thoughts on “#HOMEOWNERS…and the largest sauna in London

  1. Penny says:

    Congratulations! Just popped over to grab your link – the post about the flat is live. We wish you love and luck in your new home. Had forgotten all about Caesars – we joked about visiting. Check out the Turkish bakery, if it is still there and the veggie cafe which I miss, and my brother tells me there is now an amazing pizza place, and the Irish Pub always did a mean roast.


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